Today  I think of yester years

when I was in late teens.


in  white shirt  blue jeans

ambling around boulevard road

Flower girl hollering behind

‘Buy  flowers  B a b u j i ‘

‘ buy one  buy two  my B a b u j i.’

looking gorgeous  splendid sparkling

wearing her hair in looms

fluttering over her shoulders in


flower girl still following me

‘B a  b u j i  b a b u j i  buy one or two

  bountiful beautiful flowers’

I strode on and on the road

 broad beautiful one  


 trees  forming a canopy.

Dark clouds scudding  skies

Sounding of  bountiful rain

I  stop  buy some flowers

Joyous flower girl gets to swoon

in the Gaiety galore of

dreary noon.

Happily hopping down catching

new customer pretty so soon.





After playing a month long sea –saw game, wisdom finally dawned on S a c h i n Pilot who called for truce soon after meeting Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and AICC general secretary P r i y a n k y a V a d r a on Monday 10th August 2020.

S a c h in ‘s come back is seen as ‘Return of the Native’ thus setting in motion the exercise to resolve the crisis for all times to come.

In the famous novel of Thomas Hardy , ‘Return of the Native’ C l y me Y e o bright returns to his home town , E g don Heath, after relinquishing uncertain diamond business in Paris to make forays in the the Native green pastures to eke- out his living in the vicinity of dear and near ones. C l y me marries beautiful E u s t a c i a and reconciles to the humdrum life.

Likewise the sanity of thought reason permeated the Pilot ‘s better sense that drove him back into the welcome corridors of the Congress Party.

The old Grand Party has tradition of treating their leaders with respect and humility.

In some what different c i r c u m t a n c e s   in 1984 Pranab Mukherjee left Congress, viewed himself as the rightful successor to Indira Gandhi and not Rajiv Gandhi, launched his own party ‘Rashtriya samajwadi Congress ‘ which he merged with the Indian National Congress after making friendly comeback truce with Rajiv Gandhi.

Thereafter he never looked back ,holding important portfolios and the grand old Party nominated him for the August post of President of India in 2012,which he won with thumping majority after defeating P.A.S a n g ma ,winning by 70 percent electoral collage votes.

I am trying to make a point that Pilot will have a very promising future in Congress as there is no scope for any kind of vendetta against him.

Crisis Management.

The   Congress high command under the auspices of Rahul Gandhi in coordination with team work of S u r j it S u r j i w a la ,Ahmad Patel and K.C. V e n u g o p a l weaved the return of S a c h i n Pilot and his  MLAs back into the party fold.

P r i y a n k y a V a d r a had been in touch with Pilot but he was supposed to be “erratic”.

“ would speak one day and vanish the other day.”

P r i y a n k y a V a d r a had been relentlessly following up all through and when fully convinced she made Pilot to meet Rahul Gandhi and the meeting lasted nearly two hours.

S a c hi n gave vent to his grievances and feelings , after being assured to get all issues resolved amicably walked back with his flock of MLAs into the Congress .

While senior leaders Ahmad Patel and his entourage worked behind the scenes Rahul Gandhi managed to hammer out a deal and thus resolve the Rajasthan crisis successfully, as he was not roped in to handle the Madhya Pradesh crisis in March 2020.

Kamal N a t h and D i g v i j y a Singh were given full powers to manage the rebellious

S c i n d i a but that cost the Party heavily. Having learnt the bitter lesson , the high command did not want to take risk this time anymore.

Now the storm has abated ,the chief minister G e h lot has welcomed the return of the Rebels as “ win of citizens” while speaking to a group of journalists in J a i s a l m e r.

“more than 100MLAs living together for a month is a big thing in itself and this has never happened in India’s history” G e h lot continued with a sense of success.

He further said “ whatever misunderstanding

occurred in the party in the last one month

we need to forgive forget ,move on in the interest of nation ,state, citizens and in the interest of democracy which is in danger.”

Congress  reiterated that once the nitty- gritty of the issues raised is absolved including   condoning of all   cases against SACHIN and some of his MLAs, cabinet reshuffle would try to accommodate some of the MLAs of Pilot camp to assuage the bitter feelings.

Ghelot on his part is trying to r e p r i m a n d  himself for his use of unsavory language against Pilot ,should put at rest all anger and bickering between the two for good to plod on in a friendly manner for running the G o v t smoothly.


For now the Rajasthan crisis is  amicably resolved good for the party and good for the Nation.

The Congress central leadership needs to be on the alert and be in constant touch with state leaders , to thwart any  f i s s i p a r o u s tendencies arising out of misunderstandings or as a result of ego clashes between young and older party leaders.

Though there is strong leadership existing in the Party as a whole but the absence of strong self driven agile engaged leaders at state levels has been the reason of drift from the grass roots.

The central leaders both young and older ones should be guiding factor for uniting the leaders at different levels at state levels to serve the people in despair and rise to the occasion of raising issues of concern and get them resolved at Govt forums, thus become strong and useful opposition to fight the misdeeds of the govt.

This will save democracy and prevent the Govt of the day from   doing any wrong doings.

With Sonia Gandhi ‘s interim Party President coming to close ,an alternative President needs to be elected . This will envisage the leaders to put forth coherent strategy on various National issues from time to time.


 S a c h in Pilot and G h e lot have buried the hatchet and vowed to work assiduously for the good of people of the state who voted them to power.

This reunion of the disgruntled MLAs has amply demonstrated that the Rajasthan MLAs stand behind the principles and ideology of the Congress Party and are devoted to the service of the people at large .

All Political Parties need to save hard earned democracy and abide by the Constitution which implies and guaranties equality, freedom, unity irrespective of caste ,creed ,religion among different sections of people.

The Congress has succeeded in conveying strong message down the line not to meddle in its affairs and not to harp on its frailties any longer.

The Party stands strong enough to keep its flock together in any eventuality.


Let India’s Democracy live long. Jai Hind.

























  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe bowing in front of Memorial Cenotoph at the Peace Memorial Park Hiroshima.

Hiroshima , the city of Japan remembered the 75th Anniversary of the world’s first atom bomb attack on Thursday 6th August 1945,killing 1,40 000 people instantly. however the total death mounted up to 300,000 including the radiation cancer related deaths in the aftermath.

just three days after on 9th August 1945 another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. For

The Japanese had no idea what had practically happened.

Soon after the explanation came from no other person than the President Harry S. Truman of America himself.

The President Harry S True man said: “Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima, an important Japanese army base. That bomb had more power than 20,000 tons of TNT. … It is an atomic bomb. It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe. The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East.”

The UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, through Vedio Anniversary message said “the only way to totally eliminate nuclear risk

is to totally eliminate nuclear weapons”. “Division, distrust and a lack of dialogue threaten to return the world to unrestrained strategic nuclear competition,” he added.


Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui appealed to comprehend and face u n i t e d l y the global threats to avoid recurring of atomic war in future.

He said “ we must never allow this painful past to repeat itself. Civil society must reject the self- C e n t red Nationalism and unite against the threats”.

Every year thousands throng the Peace Park in the city to pray sing but the ceremony was restrained due to Covid -19 Corona virus limited to the survivors and their families.

Message of Peace;


Setsuko Thurlow  A Hiroshima Survivor

Setsuko  Thurlow merely 13 years old when US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima ,now 88 years old has ever since fought for the abolition of nuclear weapons ,was awarded jointly Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for her extensive campaign against the atomic weapons and propagating the message of peace throughout the world.

she travelled to united states ,married an American and later lived in Virgina for fighting against manufacturing of nuclear warfare including Hydrogen bomb.

Recently she wrote letter to the Prime Minister of Canada Mr Justin Trudeau, asking that Canada to apologize for its role in contributing uranium to the Manhattan Project, which developed the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The other survivor of the bombing Takona lives with his ailments and was exposed to nuclear radiations.as he was not within the radius of the blast.

In seven decades for the first time some countries , nearly two thirds of 192 members of United Nations have adopted 10 page Treaty on 7th July 2017 ; The treaty of Prohibition of nuclear weapons.

Interestingly the nine nuclear armed Countries have refused to sign the treaty on a plea being   necessary for the d e t e r r e n c e.

The warnings are not unfounded looking at the world’s Stockpile of nuclear weapons shooting up year in and year out.

The Arms Control Association estimates that there are nearly 14000 such weapons, the USA AND Russia account for the majority of these 6,185 (USA) and 6490(RUSSIA).

The other nations tally is as follows.

United Kingdom (200)

France                   (300)

Pakistan               ( 160)

India                     (140)

North Korea         (30)

Israel                     ( 90)       Source; Arms Control Association                          

According to Swedish think tank (SIPRI)

Chinese nuclear weapon tally is 320.


Conclusions ;

 The Nations across take r e course to the principle of deterrence ,aiming to prevent war and thus refuse to sign the prohibition Treaty.

The deterrence follows the rationale of the ‘first user’ principle which states reserve the right to use the nuclear weapons in  self – d e fence. a g a i n s t any eventuality of nuclear armed attack.

In short the world UN body should make the Nations to take sound steps to stop stockpiling of nuclear weapons to prevent elimination of human life on this planet.

Let us hope sanity coupled with wisdom dawns on the heads of Nations for achieving peace and brotherhood among themselves.

Thus stop using force and work assiduously to make world worth living for million of years. to come.







Deep down in the hearts


with uneasy thoughts

The mystic silence prowls

Cities of death.

Cleansing the pent up feelings

with the trowels.

Strife Struggle bemoan my mind

Peace and Tranquility I find.


Perplexing Loneliness that reigns


Life is sniffing out for a toss.

The world baffles at mysteries

surround and cross

horizons unbound unknown

penetrating the dark clouds

for a ray of hope.


sustain the garden of life.

with the gaiety and galore

of human laughter

before and after

for ever and ever.

The woods come alive

The green leaves arrive

popping out ,Swaying in

Cool breeze.

Awashed the whole prospectus

In glamorous

Sensuous Sensibility

o f

            w o n d e r o us glowing lights



The voice of God is drowned in the din


Treacherous Tempestuous Turbulence

Cruel Chicanery of minds


Dedication to Mankind Universe

and galaxies

God awakens to cleanse chastise


Erring  Ones to the journey

of spiritual enlightenment.

Freedom from sufferings ,subterfuge

Palls of darkness wither away

bountiful love joy gaiety

engulf the spectrum

bringing profound peace of


Intrinsic realms of joy.

The voice of God is heard

On every lip, in the every

       Nook corner of lanes bye -lanes

Temples, mosques, churches Gurdwaras

Chanting of hymns rent the


Agog with cheerfulness.

The Morning Sun burns bright

sending its ray

clear one’s spirits for the


The tossing sea with its fury

The ravaging writhing waves

Rattling sinking ship

suddenly calms down over

rippling shimmering waters


The voice of God

  and His blessings

echoing all across

sweet and strong

lovelier than the rhythm

of the  song.





S a c h in Pilot the blue -eyed boy of the Congress Party, sprang a surprise by attempted coup to topple his own elected government but failed to break in the impregnable wall of both Congress party as well as Ashok Gehlot’s Rajasthan fortress.

Thus  failed to ride the roller coaster of Chief Minister without r e a l i s i n g even for a second, that the battalion of mere 18 disgruntled MLAs were not sufficient to tilt the boat of mighty Congress Party.

It is obvious Sachin Pilot  would have been hobnobbing with BJP to give credence to his ambitions. 

S a c h in Pilot  however failed to gauge the strength of his superior Chief Minister Ashok G e h lot and allowed his ambitions ride his better sense and has now fallen in an abyss where from impossible to stand up on a dignified platform.

After losing both the job of Deputy Chief Minister as well as the chief of Pradesh Congress Party, S a c h in has landed himself in a situation of no return.

It should be first of its kind that a Chief of the Pradesh Congress Party and that too holding post of deputy chief Minister should stoop so low to achieve his personal ends.

Such Politicians , if found responsible for trying to topple the elected government in an undemocratic manner , are definitely without sense of duty towards the country and the voters who voted them to power.

They deserve to be punished by the people by not voting them to power.

The rebellion has allegedly the strong backing of BJP,  as he kept his flock of MLAs in the hotel of G u r g o an under the security check of State Police.

Also the Lawyers he has chosen for fighting the case in the court are the ones who normally fight the BJP cases in highest courts.

BJP has now assumed enormous greed for the power that it can go any extent to grab political power without battling an eyelid.

It has become the most important pastime to topple the Congress governments first in M.P and now in Rajasthan thus throwing to the winds the high moral ground sermons once the Political stalwarts recited as some religious revered sayings.

The S a c h in Pilot betrayal , second in a row has brought the debate of young leaders verses old dedicated loyal leadership to the fore in the Congress Party.

The Congress leadership has used his wizened opinion to strike a balance between the old and young to navigate the Party to blissful destination.

The c r it ic s have always blamed the dynastic impulse responsible for the poor show of Congress Party at the h u s t i n g s.

It is argued that Congress is Peddled by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and lacks so called internal democracy and what not.

It is to be understood that Congress has an ideology that is inconclusive one and demands coherent approach to withstand the politics of divide. Hence   Strong leadership ,loyal ,honest and endowed with strong sense of service to the people is required to lead the party.

The Nehru Gandhi family has been driving force to take the Nation to great heights of progress and prosperity under the auspices of its stalwart leaders ,Jawahar lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sardar Patel ,Lal Bahadur shastri and Man Mohan singh. The band of other leaders from time to time has been the cementing factor for keeping the Party united and strong.

The current band of young leaders normally lack the commitment of the older generations and cannot keep pace with the changing situations as such.

In the present situation of Rajasthan the Congress Party’s leadership has given free hand to the chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to deal with the menace created by Sachin Pilot.

After keeping doors open for Pilot to come to terms, Sachin is driven more by his personal interests rather than the prospects of the Party as a matter of fact.

Both S a c h in Pilot as well as J y o t i r a d it y a S c in d i a has been nurtured by the Congress Party but both belied the hopes  of the Party by walking over to the other fence ,thus showing their apathy for real dedicated service to the nation.

Needless to say both had been coveted with plush posts all along their careers. There was little room for any ambiguity but they chose to desert the Party anyway.

Hence the ranting of media and other so called Political Analysts that Congress is doing little for the young promising leaders holds no good waters.



S a c h in Pilot has lost the plot and is simply clinging to the Court proceedings as a clutch for the drowning man. He instead should shed off his ego and come back to the party and be a ‘ GOOD POLITICIAN’.

Future is always safe with tested waters.

It is amply clear that for  leaders  like S a c h in P il o t  ,J y o t i r a d it y a S c i n d i a, the impatience , greed hunger for more power  made them to break ranks with Party.

However having said so The Congress should be more alive to the factionalism without allowing state level factions going overboard and arrest the rot at the earliest.

The Rajasthan  like situations need to be addressed in other states as well in the nick of time. before exploding into a big one.

The Prime Minister should intervene and tell his overzealous   politicians to stop hopping around in the n e i g h b ours’ pastures and stop doing anything unpleasant to dent his image further.

It is important at this time to remain united to combat   the more pressing problems , firstly Covid- 19, second China incursions in Ladakh, and finally to fight the Economic slump so that we progress on and on.

But should M r M o di heed to the urgent priorities of the country   over rather grabbing power by fair or foul means.




















In the misty morning of Monday , the year 1959,early October month,   I hastened my steps to reach R a g h u n a t h P a n d i t a’s house my English teacher ,to collect the corrected student notebooks, a boring job entrusted .

Being the monitor of the class I was supposed to assist the Class teacher in such errands not very often but rarely.

The mist was dense and I could hardly see anything except my feet and the rickety road I plodded on.

The Sun rose behind the mountain and the heat radiated from its rays, warmed up my body and also diffused the mist into a bright morning.

I crossed over the narrow strip of the road and saw a water carrier with his camel leather bag slung on his shoulder spraying water on the dusty roads ,the other man followed sweeping with long thick broom soon after.

I reached H a b b a K a d al C h o w k , saw a large gathering over the bridge , men and women, hustled in groups of three or four. All were in serious discourse over some contagious topic wearing somber anxious looks in awe and despair.

“what is the matter ?” I asked a gentle man

“ A young lady’s body was floating on the Jhelum

river down the bridge“

“Police was informed” he continued.

“ oh my God’ I said to myself walking away from the crowd having to reach Ma s t e r j i’ s house before 7.30am.

The prettiest women vegetable sellers , dressed in c o l our f u l embroidered loose

G o w e n s, ‘ Kashmiri P h e r a ns’ , silken scarfs covering their heads ,squatted on the tarred pavements on either side of the road displaying the fresh varieties to attract the early customers.

The fruit sellers with wooden boxes of apples lined the farther corner making brisk business.

I bargained for a juicy apple for an Anna and it exploded with juice when I bite into it.


The Ha b b a k a dal C h o w k was getting crowded with people thronging the bazaars and the cycle riders ringing their bells ,zigzagging their ways   past the crowds amidst mild protests, sporadic a r g u m e n t s.

I some how elbowed my way into a narrow lane, lined with Red Tiles, leading to the

Upper S a t h u  the  most congested colony of Srinagar city where M a s t e r j i R a g h u n a t h lived.

I took   a short way along the mossy slope bank of the rivulet through the ill maintained Park , walked through some lanes

b y e -lanes ,the weather beaten houses all along with low windows gave spectrum view of interiors of rooms.

A grandfather’s clock on the middle of wall , some rooms well furnished ones ,   and some sparsely furnished but well painted ones.

I lost my way in the confused maze of the intricate lanes.

I asked a passerby “ hello sir can you tell me the way to Master R a g h u Na t h Pa n d i t a’s   house.”

“ Move to your left   walk a furlong or so you will land at the big sprawling House of Master ji

just opposite to S h r i Ram C h a n d e r Temple.

I  thanked him  and just turned a short way along and turned left crossed the bridge and walked for a while . I was finally at the big iron gate of the big sprawling house .

The name plate of M a s t e r j i was very well pasted on the side of the left pillar.

I just walked through the gate and on to the front V a r a n dah , I called out for M a s t e r j i .

“ Master ji I am here”.

The door opened by a pretty Sari clad young lady,  “ come inside and be seated “ she said in a low voice with a smile.

I sat down on the carpet and took off my satchel slung from shoulder and positioned myself in a   comfortable   posture.

M a s t e r R a g h u n a t h entered the room and said “ P r a d u m a n did you find the way easily.”

“ Yes sir I had to ask for your house from a passerby .he directed me rightly”   I replied

“ Pl take hold of these note books and take them to the class room in your personal custody.

We will distribute to students.” he said while handing over a bundle.

“ Sir I need a cloth bag so that I could carry them with ease.” I asked without any hesitation.

Meanwhile the young pretty lady came with a glass of milk and asked me to drink the same.

I hesitated but she was insistent and finally I drank the milk having a bountiful of almonds mixed in .

“ Sudeshi ,he is P r a d u man k i s h a n ,my best student and monitor of class” M a s t e r j i said and “ she is my darling wife , M r s S u d e s h i

P a n d i t a” he continued.

“ N a m a s t e m a d a m”

“thank you madam for wonderful milk” , I said



“ Shall I go sir now.” I asked M a s t e r j i

“ yes yes ,you can go straight down the road

and enter college premises and move out.

The school falls on other side close by.”

R a g h u n a t h sir explained on a piece of paper.

S u d e s hi was still with me and I found here very beautiful young lady with pretty features and golden silky hair cascading over her half bare back. Her penetrating blue eyes were attractive and inviting .

“ Why are you in hurry . It will take you just fifteen minutes to reach the school

P r a d u m a n”.

she said pinching my fluffy cheeks with her both hands.

“ y o u are very handsome my boy.”

“Now you know the route come sometimes again” she pleaded with a wry smile.

“ Yes  I will do that”   I replied casually feeling somewhat awkward by her unusual friendly

b e h a v i o u r.

“ I had to go on some shopping  to market on Friday, will you come to help me.” she requested

“ Cannot say “ I replied instantly.

“ Do not worry I will tell R a g h v a n to allow you to come at 2pm.”

“ R a g h v a n; who is that? ” I asked a little surprised.

“ I call your M a s t e r j i  R a g h v a n , to be precise and a sweet name.”

“o h I see”

Finally I took leave of her and walked down the broad tarred road on to my school.

The morning rush of school children, College giggling girls , office goers   other pedestrians presented a spectacular view to watch and enjoy.

In no time I found myself at the mammoth gate o f my School ,Sri P a r t a p School ,Srinagar’s one of the best Schools that time.

I walked on the broad tar coal road , big lawns on either side ,the grass shining with morning dew and flower hedges gave a splendid view.

I ascended the broad staircase leading to long narrow corridor directly to my class room 10th A.

I  opened the door put down the satchel and placed the note books on the small trunk behind the easel and black board. I opened the windows allowing fresh air to refresh the Class  room . Meanwhile the peon came with a sprayer and toned up the room with some air freshener, a good rosy smell.

“ you do it daily “ I asked the peon

“ y e s I do it daily” he replied briefly .

One thing my father had instilled in me from childhood not to be late for any appointment important or otherwise.

So I was early in the School after keeping my appointment with

Master R a g h u n a t h j i.

I have an hour to wait before the teacher comes to teach.

It was probably English class at 10 am to begin with R a g h u n a t h only.

Finally R a g h u n a t h   was in the class room right at 2 minutes to Ten , the Clock outside in the corridor chimed in at 10 Am.

The Teacher stood jauntily before the black board ordering the students to sit down in his voluminous thundering voice.

“ P r e d u man take out the note books and keep them on my table” h e said politely this time.

I picked up the note books and kept them as suggested.

R a g h u n a t h was tall fair looking man with blue deep set eyes, curly hair combed backwards with a prominent parting line.

Always meticulously dressed in suit and a tie , He always boasted about his robust handsome personality.

“ My suite is tailored in W e s s e x street London, my tie is from Paris and socks from Berlin” he would mutter on with a sense of conviction and never f a l t e red in his

n a r ration.

Unlike other Teachers it was obvious

R a g h u n a t h was profligate person recklessly spending on his extravagant luxury.

G o p a l , my friend and class mate was only

one placating to the Master j I ‘ s self praising


“ you are right sir, there is hardly any other person in the school as handsome and upright as yourself sir” G op a l would say to

R a g h u n a t h with an air of finality.

I would later chide G o p a l for his undue

cheeky response to   Master Ra g h u n a t h’s

self adulation.

“A r r e y P r a d u m e n I just keep him happy”

G o p a l said giggling loudly.

“Ok. my friend as you please.” p r e d u m a n patted G o p a l smilingly.


The Form Teacher P r a k a s h C h a n d e r walked into the class in J o d h p u r i Band Gala coat and pant of beige c o l o u r.

“Good Morning all” he said loudly.

“ Good Morning sir” all said in unison.

P r a k a s h Sir was of heavy build, a bit stodgy but being a mathematician very intelligent.

He was kind affable and one could confide in him any personal problem and he was ready to resolve that. So Students respected him very much.

“ Take out your note books. Did you complete the 10th e x e r c i s e. Any difficulty”. H e asked.

A few students raised hands.

“ P r e d u man kindly take down the questions and I will solve these on black board one by one

so that they understand the correct method to solve such tedious ones” P r a k a s h Sir commanded.

That was the devoted way P r a k a s h Sir used to teach Mathematics.

He would not go to another exercise till all students could effectively solve the questions of previous one.

The peon came and asked me to see

R a g h u n a t h sir in Teachers’ room.


I took permission to see him and followed the peon into Teachers’ room.

Master j i was sitting in the farther corner of big sprawling room .

I said “ yes sir “.

“ Tomorrow is Friday , My wife needs you to help her in marketing at 2pm.” He said a bit louder than a whisper, almost a whisper only.

“ Sir you have to talk to my Form teacher.”

“ y e s I will do that . Do not worry”


That was it . I had to go to meet her and help her.

“ I hope it does not become a daily affair” I said to myself.


I was just five minutes to two in the afternoon at the Master R a g h u n a t h P a d it a’s Residence

I   walked up to broad V a r a n dah and made a gentle knock.

S u d e s h i opened the door and greeted me with a kiss on both virgin cheeks.

“So you kept the promise. I had told Ra g h van

in the morning” she said in her flamboyant style.

“Yes    Madam I keep my promise” I replied .

s h e held my right arm and made me to settle in to a c o s y deep leather chair. I sat back and tried to relax but S u de s h i wanted me to get refreshed and asked me to wash my face hands to get down to   lunch which she had laid on the table already.

I was hungry ate the morsels of rice mixed with mutton pieces hurriedly without any formality as such.

She watched me with astonishment and giggled a lot.

She made me to drink some juice just like black tea . I drank it and felt good, asked for more which she poured me in my glass.

I   f e l t   e n e r g i s e d and strong enough .

“ At what time we would go for marketing?.”

I a s k e d.

“At 3.30 pm “ she snapped.

“ Yes I have to reach home by 6 pm”. I replied.

S u d e s hi was dressed in a floating brown gown with deep V neck   and the scooped neckline was very attractive.

“ You look beautiful young and you smell like

Pansy flower .” I  said coolly.

“ I am young twenty nine years only , eleven years young than your Sir”

She performed a modest rotation and touched my cheek and I felt flushed, a bit excited , ‘my handsome boy’ smiling coquettishly.

She entrapped me to her bed room upstairs to the first floor and held me tightly to her shiny bosom lapped up my reddened young face.

she nibbled caressed my teenage body.

She prodded my nudity and I felt   like a captive in her strong arms unable to move.

She tenderly cuddled me and I momentarily seized her soft hands and ran my tongue along .

I felt I was being seduced and it excited me to be in her warm clasp a t the same time.

A shudder of exasperation shook me and somehow I extracted myself and she smooching me warmly. .

“ I am going“ I said running away from her down stairs into bath room for a warm wash up.

After fifteen minutes she came down in a yellow s a r i , looking more gorgeous than an hour before.

s h e handed over my shirt and shorts ironed out meticulously .

she held my hand and gave it a squeeze ,the smell of scent reached me.

“Are you angry? You should not be. I like you and like you very much “

“ but you should not have seduced me. I have lost my virginity” I said meekly.

She laughed and stroked her fingers through my hair softly.

“ Nothing like that. You are young man and I have started loving you your innocence”

“ If  Raghu sir finds it he will put me in jail” I said


“oh come on P r a d u man do not get panic. He will not know it unless you or me tells him.” she said calmly .

“Now put on your shirt and shorts. We are going for shopping.” She said firmly.

I put on the same hurriedly to be ready for accompanying her on shopping.

It was already 4 pm and we picked up a To n g a f or Residency shopping Center.

We did not talk en-route to the shopping Bazaar.

She was occasionally smiling and I glanced at her through corners of my eyes.

She looked exceedingly beautiful and the fact was I liked her immensely.

S u d e s h i was moving from one shop to another haggling over prices and bought a number of shawls, saris and many other items .

She guided me to a tea stall .

“ Give us two orange Juices “ she ordered the

t e a boy in the shop.

“ b e quick “ she continued.

The boy handed over the two juices and I drank

mine in one draught.

“ Finished it so quickly” S u d e s hi asked a little surprised.

I smiled without saying anything.

I told her that  I would like to go home directly after making her to sit in a Tonga.

She agreed and I helped her to sit in the back seat comfortably before taking leave of her.

“ P r a d u m a n Come again” I heard her calling out loudly as the Tonga rattled up for the drive.

“Yes surely” I cried out .

I walked down the Residency Road towards my home.

The strange sequences of unusual event was occupying my young mind and I was between two minds whether to go again to meet

S u d e s hi   or avoid for all times to come.

The alchemy of distasteful sex by S u d e s hi was w e i g h i n g down my body and mind.

I some how reached home and slumped on my

b e d    falling fast   asleep instantly.

For next few days I was upset ready to break down like a child. Somewhere inside me was sense of frustration , a feeling of guilt tortured me and I kept saying “ not right thing to do”. “Poor R a g h u n a t h sir, a gentleman of first order. Sudeshi ,the shameless one did not look guilty at all” I kept saying to myself.


But it was true I got swayed by her exquisite beauty, the fleshy contours and her pretty

f e a t u r e s, and she forcefully pounced upon me in that brazen indulgent manner.

The train of thoughts followed my mind and I was a boy of sixteen, shy, sullen , very resentful

of the event that shook me .

“ Oh S u d e s h i   why you did it.” I kept saying to myself.

“ R a g h u n a t h S i r might not be loving her

S u d e s hi is very young   and Master ji much much older.” I argued with myself.

“ Any way I need not worry about this matter anymore.” I Consoled myself .

“ In case she calls me again I will tell everything to my Form Teacher P r a k a s h Chand . He would help me definitely.”

I   woke up the following morning jumped out of the bed , dressed up after having a hurried bath , went for breakfast a heavy one with potatoes stuffed Pa r a t h as , glass of milk and one boiled egg.

“ Mu m ma I am going early to School to meet Form Teacher P r a k ash sir.” I said briefly.

“ come in time P r e d u man” M u m ma said sternly.

I hurriedly took   my satchel and left for the School .

I ran up the long large stairs up to my Class room.

I   asked for the Sir P r a k ash C h a nd  from the peon and he confirmed Sir was sitting in the staff room .

I walked the long dimly lit corridor and entered the marked Staff Room door intoa large well ventilated room.

“ Come On P r e d u m a n how are you.”

P r a k a sh Sir called out in his resonant voice.

“ Good Morning Sir” I replied in a low voice.

Sir I   have to make confession’’ I said and I heard my voice break off in between ,and the tears welled up in my eyes and I cried as the tears flew down my cheeks.

“Come on Preduman what is the matter? I will help, no problem”

I narrated all the sequence of events of the previous day at R a g h u n a t h sir’s home, the brazen manner of shameful act by Su d e s h i.

I sat b e w i l d e re d ,confused and in shame and misery.

“ P r e d u man do not worry . Stop crying. Just wash your face and refresh .” P r a k a sh sir told me patting my shoulders comfortably.

I came back soon refreshing myself up and stood in front of Sir .

“ Sit down. You will not go to R a g h u n a t h

Sir’s place at all.”

“I   will resolve the matter on my own . Do not talk to any one of this incident. Forget it.”

He said with a firm conviction, laying his hand on my shoulder and I got convinced he

understood me well than I did myself.

After meeting the Sir I felt relieved strong and

no sense of s o r r i n e s s clinging to me.

After a week or so a Circular was pinned on Notice Board ;

No student will go to Teachers’ homes for any random errands like ,collection of corrected Student Notebooks or any other connected works. All teachers are requested to correct the Notebooks in School itself .   sd PRINCIPAL








































































From nowhere to somewhere

somewhere to nowhere

I drift alone miles and miles

among dusky deep woods

Just to live


Just to live

The evening flirting sinking beautiful


I see water forming

Ripples of crimson gold

Under the bridge of placid river.

From nowhere to somewhere

Somewhere to nowhere

Ascending the mountain cliff

breathing a whiff

o f fresh air

I amble around

Just to live


just to live.

The Sun

gone somewhat peacefully

leaving   the twilight

Anointing earth in its golden glare


Slipping in a peaceful night .

I paddle on

on and on

From nowhere to somewhere

somewhere to nowhere

Just to live


Just to live.

I drift alone as in a dream

with brightly gleam

enchanting rhymes


 Fearful trying Times

I stride along

From nowhere to somewhere

Somewhere to nowhere

Just to live


Just to live.


After twenty Indian soldiers were killed in deadly clashes between Chinese and Indian troops on the night of 15th June 2020, the tensions ran high between two countries on the Indo-China border especially in the G a l wan valley, Hot springs ,Pa n g on g T s o and Gogra in L a d a k h and in N a k u La in Sikkim.

China has moved in large number of forces on its side. India is equally matching the massive build up on its side.

In the recent past months , however , Indian and Chinese were engaged in brawls leaving dozens injured along the 2,200 mile Line of Action.


The Go v t  does not expect immediate resolution to the two month old stand off on the LAC because of the deadlock in Talks.

In Fact on Friday 26thJune 2020 the Indian Ambassador to China M r V i k r a m M i s r i said in an hard hitting interview to PTI (Press Trust of India)

“ The only way to resolve the current military stand off along LAC in Eastern Ladakh was for Beijing to realize that trying to change status quo by resorting to force or coercion ,is not the right way forward”


The Indian Ambassador explained that the action taken by the Chinese forces on the ground have damaged “considerable trust” between the two Countries. M r  M i s r i explained further and said “ The resolution of this issue is quite straightforward from our perspective .The Chinese side needs to stop creating obstruction and hindrances in the normal patrolling patterns of the Indian troops .”


Rubbishing the China’s claim of sovereignty over Galwan Valley in Ladakh as “completely untenable” and vehemently emphasized that such claims would not help the situation as such.

The Indian ambassador to China M r V i k ram Misri made it amply clear that India is “very aware and very clear about the alignment of the LAC in the Galwan Valley”. He said in continuation to his statement “ our troops have been patrolling up to these areas without any difficulty for a very v e r y long period of time”.

M r M i s r i’s comments and statements came a day after in light of the External Ministry statement that China has been a large contingent of troops and armaments along the LAC in eastern Ladakh since May 2020.


Meanwhile a spate of multiple talks making rounds at the both levels of military and diplomatic ones, the diplomatic talks at Beijing and Military talks in  Ladakh.

A meeting at Corps level on June 6 and June 22 were also held respectively.

The Indian delegation during these crucial meetings has rightly stuck to the core stand of restoration of status quo ante as of April 2020.

Betrayal Mood.

China is in a bitter betrayal mood again after stinging India severely by exploding into a full

fledged war in 1962, thus betraying the trust built up with dedication and sincerity by J a w a h a r La l Nehru , throwing to the winds the Sino- Indian Agreement of 1954 emboldened on the Five principles of peaceful Co-existence ,embodied in the preamble, proclaiming Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai (Indians and Chinese are brothers).

China launched a massive attack on October 19 1962, against Indian forces in the Northeast and Ladakh.

T.N. Kaul,,Foreign secretary to G o v t of India in the times of action, , A diplomat of excellence, in his book ‘ A DIPLOMAT’S DIARY’ writes

“ w e were ill- prepared to fight a war in Northeast. we did not expect the Chinese to go back on their acceptance of McMahon Line as the de facto border.

We did not have adequate troops there and those hastily sent were ill-equipped poorly clad for the winter in that difficult and inhospitable terrain.

we  had concentrated our forces mainly in Ladakh , where the Chinese had been nibbling at our territory since 1956. our troops in Ladakh who were better equipped and acclimatized, were able to withstand the Chinese assault.  

The Chinese withdrew to North of M c Mohan Line , but kept Line of Actual Line (LAC) in Ladakh.”

Actually Chinese   wanted to humiliate India for the warm welcome and asylum accorded to the Dalai Lama.

Nehru ‘s dream of Indo-China friendship was shattered but he did not relinquish the Independent Policy of Non Alignment.

In fact  he  p e r s u e d it with more zeal and v i g o u r .

Being a democrat true to his words he kept the Indian Parliament and the People of India in the know of facts and did not bow to the dragon’s hegemony at any cost.

Now China again is showing its dirty teeth and is in belligerent and bellicose mood to inflict both military and economic damages on India.

But India is militarily much stronger now than in 1962 and war between two countries will be fought on equal footing this time and hence  China  would not venture for a full fledged war.

 China  knows well  will get a befitting reply from our brave forces.

Hence it is  inconceivable to believe either China or India would venture to aggravate the dispute into a war.

 Our Prime Minister M r N a r e n d er M o d i , a leader of substance , has rightly taken the steps to reduce India’s reliance on China imports. Although it won’t be easy and tenable in the current situation .

The economic relations between India and China are lopsided.

China being largest source of imports for India at the moment and to replace the same India needs to strategize to find   adequate alternatives systematically without inflicting losses on the Indian companies to avoid collapse of trade and investments.Such decisions need to be taken in cool composite manner and not in the heat of emotions and passions.

Meanwhile the situation at the disputed border looks grim as the stand off seems longer one because China is engaged in build up and India is also reinforcing its buildup accordingly, leaving little room for meaningful talks to discuss disengagement at Military levels at the moment.


The Prime M r M o d i had rightly befriended the counterpart M r XI to augment better relations between the two great n e i g h b o u rs  over the years,   but China had always different agendas mostly with sinister and ugly intentions and  belied our trust once again.

President Xi J i n p i n g enjoyed the on and off picturesque picnic summits both in G u j r a t,s w in g i n g a J h o o l a , or in M a h a b a l I p u r a m in Chennai , but kept troubling India with more incursions whether it was Dokhlama  or Gawalan valley now.

M r Mo d i  being an unchallenging leader must stand above these hollow friendly gimmicks and face the Dragon with alacrity Militarily and also with Diplomatic ingenuity.

The Prime Minister ,unlike China, has an obligation to be transparent and thus must keep the Nation fully informed in this trying hour.

The nation stands united like a rock behind the Government and the Armed forces.

Long live India.